General Consulting

Oak & Associates provides a variety of consulting and valuations services, as well as training programs & seminars.

Very often an agency owner is involved with some situation or problem in which they have no experience or would like a third party opinion. Oak & Associates can provide consulting on an hourly basis to help resolve these issues.

Fair Market Valuation

There are many reasons why one would need a Fair Market Valuation of an agency: the merger of agencies, the sale or acquisition of an agency, the divorce of a business owner, internal purposes such as:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • ESOP
  • Perpetuation Planning
  • Internal Sale or Other Usage
  • Buy/Sell Agreement
  • Credit Establishment
  • Changes to Business from Divorce

See the valuation flyer for details here valuation-agency

Planning Templates

Agency Business Planning

Ever feel like management does not know where to start in putting the firm’s annual plan together?  How about a template to help management know what the key things to concentrate on are, to give management a jumpstart?  Oak & Associates has created a planning device to help agency owners and managers do just that. The Agency Business Planning Template can be used to assist with the writing of the annual plan and gives management the key questions to be asked and info to gather to make this plan a very meaningful tool.

Download Agency Business Planning PDF

Sales & Marketing Planning

Are sales the firm’s Achilles heel?  What would be better than a template to get the management of the firm a way to concentrate on all of the key areas related to improving sales and marketing?  This template tool is affordable and a proven way to have a written guide to improving sales for the firm.

Perpetuation Planning

An effective exit strategy will take time to develop. Owners without a perpetuation plan may not receive top dollar for their firm and may end up owing extra taxes. Oak & Associates will work with you to map out a plan for a smooth and tax efficient transition.

One-on-One Coaching

The coaching service is customized to provide personalized support, followup and attention on any specific issues the client wants to address.

Consulting and Company Strategic Work

Services include mergers & acquisitions, business valuation, strategic business planning, perpetuation planning, and management & operational studies. Our experience working with hundreds of independent agencies provides us with the experience and insight that allow us to focus on the important issues and get quick results.

Our custom-designed consulting services help streamline business operations and improve productivity and profitability through these services:

Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether you are looking to buy, sell or merge, Oak & Associates can assist you in finding the right parties and close the deal. We can assist you if you need help on structuring the new entity.


Compatibility Analysis

We highly recommend that the parties perform a Compatibility Analysis prior to any transaction. It often helps to have a third party who is unbiased toward any party for this analysis. We are able to ask the tough questions and quickly get to the heart of the issues for all of you.


Management & Operation Studies

Is your business running efficiently? We can review the management structure as well as the workflow within an agency. We can help you design a new organization or just refine the existing structure to make it more productive and profitable.

Strategic Planning

Successful agencies are pro-active rather than re-active. Oak & Associates will work with the owners and key staff to develop an overall Strategic Business Plan or a specific Sales & Marketing Plan.

Owner and Producer Compensation Studies

How much can you afford to pay a producer? Are all owners getting paid at a level equal to their work contribution to the agency? We can review your compensation plans to make sure that the agency is paying the owners and producers what it can afford to pay.


Retainer Service Program

Would you like to have regular access to an expert consultant that not only knows the industry, but also knows your agency? Oak & Associates has developed a new service in which our consultants work with you and your agency on a regular basis. This allows the owner to keep on top of the key issues impacting the firm and tap unbiased, expert advice on what needs to be done.

The Retainer Service program offers two levels of support for you and your agency. The foundation of the program is regular monthly consulting. The consultant will review with you the key issues impacting you at that time – agency operations, management issues, sales management, planning, etc.

In addition to the monthly consulting calls, the program offers access to our other services at what would be reduced rates. Each year you can choose from a list of our services that you would like Oak & Associates to perform.

Here is how it works:
Both levels include two-hour monthly calls to discuss what is important at that time or to follow up on work in progress. This way, owners will have a coach that will keep them on task, as well as an outside expert to brainstorm on new ideas.

In addition to the monthly calls:

  • Level One members can choose one of Oak & Associates services from the Retainer Service list to have performed during the 12-month program.
  • Level Two members can choose two of Oak & Associates services from


  • Level One members pay $750 per month for the 2-hour monthly calls and one of Oak & Associates services during the 12-month program.
  • Level Two members pay $950 per month for the 2-hour monthly calls and two of Oak & Associates services during the 12-month program.

Please note that expenses, such as travel, will be in addition to the monthly fees.