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Extreme Systemization and Stratification of Agency Operations

By Catherine Oak | January 11, 2021 A few years ago, Catherine had a total knee replacement by an excellent orthopedic surgeon in Fremont, Calif. Dr. John Dearborn was recommended by two of our insurance clients that have had incredible success. This surgeon implemented “systematic processing” of his business, which we also call staff stratification, and it isContinue reading “Extreme Systemization and Stratification of Agency Operations”


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Since 1984, Catherine, Founder of Oak & Associates, has been a management and financial consultant. She gained her experience as Senior Consultant for two of the largest consulting firms in the insurance industry, Russell Miller, Inc. and Marsh/Berry. Her experience ranges from working with small firms to the largest national firms and companies.

She has spoken extensively throughout the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia on financial and management topics for associations, companies, national brokers and other organizations.

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