Ken Tucker, ONFP

| sold my book of business at the end of 2019 utilizing the services of Catherine at Oak & Associates. I was referred to her by my CIC mentor of 40 years. Catherine did a professional evaluation of my book of business down to the penny and was able to get a valuation for me that was way larger than what the buyers were offering. She took the time to gather all the necessary information from me, came up with ideas that I never thought of and made me understand my true value as well. 

She is professional, has a deep understanding of our insurance industry, highly intelligent, responsive, caring, and a pleasure to work with and most importantly a skilled negotiator. I truly believe I would have gotten less than half using someone else or trying to negotiate on my own. 

I highly recommend Catherine Oak and would welcome anyone to call me to discuss. 

Ken Tucker NEP #805-368-8341