Micheletti Insurance Services

September 28, 2020

We are ever grateful to Catherine Oak and Oak & Associates for their expertise and professional knowledge in guiding us through the complex process of selling our firm. We were so impressed from the onset with Catherine’s strong, direct yet friendly style we realized we had made the right decision in selecting Oak & Associates to administer the process.  Catherine’s skill in the marketplace is top of class. Her leadership and focus throughout the process was invaluable.  The admiration Catherine commands in the industry is so vital to bring the right qualified and eligible purchasers to the table.  Understanding the market as Catherine does allowed us to receive the best possible outcome. In addition, her valuation of our agency from the beginning was extremely accurate. We so appreciate her energy in directing us to choose a buyer that was the right-fit for us.  Having worked so hard to build our business, it was key to us that this step was the best workable situation, not only for us, but also our employees and for our clients as well.  Catherine was very aware of our needs and compassionate in guiding us to select the most suitable purchaser.  I would whole-heartedly recommend Oak & Associates to any agency considering their options for the future.

David J. Micheletti, CEO