To Improve Profitability and Sales, ‘Fire’ Your Small Commercial Accounts

By Catherine Oak and Bill Schoeffler We all know about the Pareto Principle, the 80/20 rule. It also applies when analyzing the profitability and the work required for an agency’s book of business. Roughly 20% of the accounts generate 80% of the revenue, and 20% of the accounts take 80% of the staff’s time to service them. ProblemsContinue reading “To Improve Profitability and Sales, ‘Fire’ Your Small Commercial Accounts”

Internal Perpetuation Versus Sale of the Agency

By Catherine Oak and William Schoeffler Jr. Death and taxes are as inevitable as life itself. Yet most fail to plan for the inevitable. An ounce of early preparation is worth a pound of last-minute maneuvering. Thinking through the eventual exit ahead of time allows you to build the systems and people equation that takes time. Investors lookContinue reading “Internal Perpetuation Versus Sale of the Agency”