Heuer Insurance Agency

Catherine made selling my agency easy, again thank you!
After working with Catherine on our family perpetuation several years ago, it made sense to reach out again once we decided to look for a partner to sell out legacy agency too. We had already started the process with a local agency but knew we needed to pull in an expert – and looking back, we are very glad we did!
Catherine brought great value to our deal, and we took comfort knowing she was there to look out for us as negotiations began. Catherine brought a great team with her. Without her recommendations, we don’t think we would have gotten the deal done in the two-month window we had.
I will certainly recommend Catherine and Oak & Associates to all of our friends and colleagues when the opportunity arises. Thank you, Catherine, for making this a reality!
– Adam Heuer

One Source StopLoss Insurance

We recently utilized the services of Oak & Associates for the valuation and sale of our company OneSource StopLoss Insurance of Elk Grove, CA. OneSource transitioned from an MGU to an MGA, making its valuation and capabilities unique in the marketplace. Catherine Oak did a great job of helping in negotiating the deal.
We are very happy to have engaged Oak & Associates.
– John Youngs, Owner

David Tuckness Valley

Oak & Associates became an intricate member of my team during this difficult sale process. As partners, we continued to discuss the concept of joining a group that would complement my firm, by adding services and talent to my back office. Then, as offers arrived, and the due diligence began, it was nice to have an M&A partner working with us, not knowing how torturous and tedious that process can be.
Yes, getting to the finish line with any deal can be challenging. Finding a partner you can rely on and trust is the key to success! – David Tuckness

Anderson & Murison

Oak & Associates has worked with A&M for three decades. Catherine has done valuations for an ESOP, partner buy-out and when our key owner passed away. She has helped us with consulting work also.
Ultimately, Catherine Oak was our advisor for our sale to HUB, which closed December 1, 2021. She did an excellent job and she and her firm have always been there for us! – Jim McCarthy, President

Richard Aniello President of Aniello Insurance Agency

Aniello Insurance Agency 

September 16th 2020 

Catherine did a fabulous job for us when we decided to entertain offers to sell our agency. 

When we started this project we thought we could do it on our own. We spent a considerable amount of time coming up with the information needed to receive offers, and after receiving the various offers we decided we were better at selling insurance than selling our agency. 

We interviewed several consultants and we felt that Catherine would provide us the best service and we were not disappointed. From the initial pro forma, to analyzing the offers, to defending the proforma, and the final due diligence Catherine was with us the entire way. 

If you have any questions or wish to discuss further feel free to give me a call on my cell phone, 702 498 7009. 


Richard Aniello President

Micheletti Insurance Services

September 28, 2020

We are ever grateful to Catherine Oak and Oak & Associates for their expertise and professional knowledge in guiding us through the complex process of selling our firm. We were so impressed from the onset with Catherine’s strong, direct yet friendly style we realized we had made the right decision in selecting Oak & Associates to administer the process.  Catherine’s skill in the marketplace is top of class. Her leadership and focus throughout the process was invaluable.  The admiration Catherine commands in the industry is so vital to bring the right qualified and eligible purchasers to the table.  Understanding the market as Catherine does allowed us to receive the best possible outcome. In addition, her valuation of our agency from the beginning was extremely accurate. We so appreciate her energy in directing us to choose a buyer that was the right-fit for us.  Having worked so hard to build our business, it was key to us that this step was the best workable situation, not only for us, but also our employees and for our clients as well.  Catherine was very aware of our needs and compassionate in guiding us to select the most suitable purchaser.  I would whole-heartedly recommend Oak & Associates to any agency considering their options for the future.

David J. Micheletti, CEO

Mark Polivka, Owner of Monarch Insurance

I was referred to Catherine Oak after speaking with an owner who contracted with her on his sale. We originally had her work on a perpetuation plan, which included minority owners. 

It was clear that a sale was in everyone’s best interest.  After interviewing two other national firms we again chose Catherine.  She brought a number of buyers. I believe she was responsible for the sale and at a higher price than anticipated.  Catherine did what she said she would do and acted in a very professional manner.

I would highly recommend Catherine Oak of Oak & Associates.

Mark Polivka


Monarch Insurance Services, Inc.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Kevin C. Murphy, Owner of Sierra Insurance and SVP of Heffernan Ins. Group

December 29, 2020

Working with Catherine Oak has been a wonderful experience – and I highly
recommend Catherine for valuation and as our front-end negotiator.   We
began to consider options to take our firm to the next level, and Catherine
helped us plan the path for success.  

The end result was a very desirable multiple with a substantial addition in value added services, customer support, and leadership.  We simply love our new direction.   

A $1mm+ revenue firm our size is not a large firm by any means, but Catherine went
the extra mile to make sure the path forward was smooth and pain minimized.
Merging or Acquiring an insurance firm is a huge life event, and I can think
of no better partner to guide anyone forward than Catherine Oak and her

Thank you Catherine!


Kevin C. Murphy

Owner of Sierra Insurance and

Senior Vice President of the Heffernan Ins. Group