Rocky Libby – Owner in Western Valley in Turlock, CA

Catherine has worked with a diverse set of personalities (real egos) in our agency. She has helped our agency in many capabilities. She has provided consultations in agency management, assisted in mergers and acted as our Sales Manager for a period of time.  She continues to communicate with me years after our business dealings.  She has a genuine interest in the well being of those to whom she offers her expertise.  I consider her to be a person of ability and integrity.

John O’Neill – Owner of Cohn Reid & O’Neill, Burlingame, CA

Catherine has excellent skills.  She listened to our concerns and looked for a partner that met our expectations.  She has an excellent ability to communicate on challenging issues.  She is very diplomatic with a good sense of humor and is a valuable addition to any team of business owners.

Terry Stotka – Owner of Dorsey Hazeltine & Wynne

 Catherine is wise and can see the big picture.  She has performed fair market valuations for us and provided consulting advice over the years. She also assisted me in buying DHW and helped me personally through many hurdles we encountered.  I highly recommend Catherine to any organization. Her ability to add value is superior.

Cliff Dunbar

 Chairman of Buckman Mitchell, Inc. of Visalia – Catherine has the skills and experience to keep topics on focus and on task.  She is the key to making the group she is working with very informed and successful. Hiring Catherine would bring you a great value for the money and time invested.